Our Partners

We are proud to be suppliers to Furnishing World. We strive to produce quality beds that represent great value for money, ensuring Furnishing World can supply beds that people can rely on for longevity, style and, importantly, price. When we work in partnership with a company like this, it is important to us that we share the core values that form the foundation of our business. That’s why we only supply to trusted partners that share our ethos of giving excellent value while maintaining quality, an assurance on transparency and the highest regard for excellent customer service.

Dan Peach www.cheapbedsale.co.uk

It is our pleasure to be a consistent and long-standing supplier to Furnishing World. We are dedicated to providing quality bed and bed furnishing supplies, and we know that Furnishing World share this dedication 100%. We are a proud supplier, happy to work alongside a company that offers a great service – something we value above all. As we have a passion for giving our customers the best value, the highest quality products and consideration when it comes to budget and affordability, Furnishing World was the perfect match, as they share our core messages as a company. Whether it’s the latest in new bed styles or latest edition of the trusted divan, we remain proud suppliers to Furnishing World.

Ali Bakra www.mattresstime.co.uk

It is important to us that our partners in business can provide the best to their consumers, as this is our overall goal as a company. This is why we continue to be regular suppliers for Furnishing World. We pride ourselves on ticking every box when it comes to quality supplies so that our partners can stand above and beyond the competition. So, we strive for excellent quality, great value for money and dedication to style and variety. Working alongside Furnishing World as their supplier has allowed us to do just this, and we are extremely proud to continue to supply the best quality beds, mattresses and furnishings in order to beat the competition on price and quality every time.

Tom Witts www.hf4you.co.uk

The core of our business is quality and affordability. To be able to supply high quality, affordable bedroom furnishings to our partner, Furnishing World, is an extension of our values, and we are hugely proud to be in partnership as a supplier. We strive to exceed expectations with our dedication to competitive price ranges, huge variation of bed styles, mattresses from budget to luxury and beds to match. It is such a great bonus that this passion for quality also allows Furnishing World to offer customers the best in terms of affordability without compromising on quality. This is exactly where we sit, and we know that Furnishing World shares our vision for the highest standards towards customer satisfaction.

Mary Davis www.rapyalstores.co.uk