The Lion, The Witch, and The Oak Wardrobe

Choosing an oak wardrobe for the home can be quite an adventure…

The Lion (The Furniture Retailer)

If you’re looking to find a good quality oak wardrobe there is no choice but to visit a few good showrooms and furniture websites and gather as much information as possible before committing to the purchase. With such a vast selection on offer, it is easy to be swayed by special low priced promotions and end up with a piece not so suited to the original requirements. Always keep what is actually needed in mind.

Planning in advance can also be advantageous as even though most oak wardrobes are no longer made to order they may take some weeks to be delivered. Be sure to ask about delivery times and prices and ideally get these in writing to avoid any future discrepancies.

The Witch (The Bedroom)

Be aware of the space available when choosing a wardrobe and do not forget that wardrobe doors need room to open. Without having a bespoke wardrobe made specifically for that gap it can be difficult to get the exact size required to maximise the space. Most irritating is when the perfect wardrobe is found to be just an inch too big. Check and double-check measurements as oak cannot be squeezed in and made to fit and dismantling and returning an oak wardrobe that has just been carried up the staircase and assembled is not an easy task. Make sure cornices and plinths are included in overall measurements.

The Oak Wardrobe

After making the obvious choices in style (double, triple, hanging space, drawers, shelves) and colour (keep in mind that as the timber matures the shade will darken) be aware of the less obvious finishing touches. Door and drawer handle design and quality, type of joints, hinge quality, and the type of wood used for back and base panels. Once in place check the balance of the wardrobe ensuring doors are hung level and close flush. This cannot be accurately checked until in place and sometimes not until filled with clothes as the surface of the floorspace and weight of the contents may need to be taken into consideration.

The right wardrobe can provide years of practical storage whilst adding charm and character to the room so careful consideration before buying can prevent having to make several purchases.