Mid Century Style Furniture Brought to the Mainstream by Mad Men

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Travel Back to an Era of Mid Century Style

Did the TV show Mad Men help increase the popularity of mid century style furniture? Unlike many other modern era dramas that focus either on the present or future, Mad Men was an award-winning series focused specifically on the mid century era. It was one of the few shows that managed to showcase the way life went in the 60s, with everything from sexual tension to Manhattan lifestyle, stunning suits and competition that lead to power struggles in the long term.

What made Mad Men fascinating was the acting and story, but the character apparel and sets were also second to none. The mid century style clothing and furniture presented here are by far some of the best you can see in any show. The mid century furniture is particularly interesting since you get to see beautiful and refined vintage pieces that pertain to that era.

Attention to Detail is Key

Not only that, but you can actually get to view many of the accessories used at that time. From retro phones, staplers and various decorations, all these accessories helped offer a sense of authenticity to the characters and the way they worked or lived!

The color palette of the mid century style and furniture fit perfectly with the series. Olive greens, caramel golds, teak and walnut browns were among some of the most popular mid century furniture styles and Mad Men managed to represent that with the utmost attention to detail and perfection.

Did Mad Men Influence Your Interior Design Decisions?

Each one of the characters had beautiful furniture that showed viewers a more interesting, unique way to decorate their home. And so they did. A lot of people fell in love with the mid century style presented in the series. And throughout the 7 seasons of Mad Men, more and more people started to purchase mid century furniture to decorate their home. Although this wasn’t one of the show’s goals, it’s clear that viewers wanted to get as close as possible to the characters and their era.

Scandi Style Completes the Look

Aside from getting to do just that, they also managed to purchase unique mid century furniture pieces that started to transform the appeal of their home. These mid century style pieces showed in the series were carefully researched, and they are 100% authentic to the era. The show managed to combine American classics like Eames with Scandinavian furniture cleverly. Also, in order to recreate the era’s appeal, the Mad Men producers researched many decorating books from that era and numerous retro magazines. This was a good start when it came to understanding how the furniture looked and how people used it at that time.

Mad Men: A Mid Century Style Inspiration

Creating the look of Mad Men was a challenge, but it did pay off. The show became a great success, and its primary focus was always on blending the story and drama with authentic, mid century styled sets. This combination was one of a kind, and it allowed people from all over the world to see a new, distinct way to decorate their home. The show was a true success from all perspective; it even got numerous design bloggers talking about the authenticity offered here. And while Mad Men ended in 2015, it remains one of the few shows that got the mid century furniture and style right. It will be a great source of inspiration for any future movies and shows that plan on doing the same!

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